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I'm Jasper

I am a passionate multidisciplinary designer with a keen eye for detail, a care for clever copy, and a motivation for sustainable and empathic design.

Portrait shot of my self

Here's a shorter description of who I am

Passionate creative 🎨. Motivated learner 📚. Dog lover 🐶. Planet carer 🌏.

Here's how I would describe myself if I were a puppy dog up for adoption.

• I learn quick
• I've learnt a few useful tricks but also have the basics down pat
• I play nice with others, but thrive well on play dates at the park
• I enjoy playing ball with others but can also go solo and find my own ball
• My objective is to be the goodest dog and I aim to get there through continuous learning and self development
• I am also toilet trained (ok.. I think thats enough of that metaphor)

Here's the short story of my life

Burnt my Dad's shed down when I was 12 while making a sculpture for my second exhibition. Now I am exploring the space between Artificial Intelligence and Graphic Design creating data-driven and empathic designs.

Here's the long story of my life

My creative journey took off when I was 8 and my dad taught me how to weld. I made an echidna from a shovel head and some railway bolts, and entered it into the local art show and got first prize. Since then, I’ve had two successful gallery sculpture exhibitions and won a variety of awards. This helped fund the purchase of my own DSLR camera and computer, and led to me further pursuing a passion for photography and short film making. I chose to do 3 high school major works in Visual Art, Software Design and Industrial Tech. While I was at school, I was also the photographer and designer of our school concert and festival posters. This was my first experience with graphic design and drove me to do Visual Arts and Graphic Design at the University of Wollongong.

During my undergraduate years, I was involved in a variety of extra curricular projects to continue to develop my design and content production muscles. In 2017, I joined the Solar Decathlon for Team UOW as a Graphic Designer and Photographer, and also helping to design and build the dementia friendly net-zero energy home to compete in an international competition in Dubai. I helped develop an award-winning safety campaign with character illustrations and a sustainable and environmentally friendly pamphlet made from seed paper that would grow into native wild flowers.

In 2018, I developed the identity and branding for my cohorts Graduation Exhibition. It was during this project that I developed a passion for data-driven and experimental design. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend my own Graduate Exhibition that I designed because I was in Dubai for the Solar Decathlon project. This meant that I never really had a good send off from my degree, so I decided to do Honours as well.

I ended my first Honours year with a 19,000 word thesis on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Design Thinking. Following this I expanded on my thesis in creative form by continuing my interest in both data-driven design and sustainability. I proposed a design entity called a Data Organism to tackle company and consumer transparency. The Renewable Generation was created as a prototype data organism. The project took the form of an energy sustainability campaign that visualised live energy use across Australian states.

While I studied my Honours degree I decided to also start working in the field and got a job at a locally owned and operated sports company called SMAI as a Graphic Designer and Digital Content Creator. I started work thinking that I was just going to do a little bit of design on the side for a company while studying, not really knowing that they were actually an International sports brand with a huge customer base. I rapidly grew into the role, learning all the intricacies of designing for a company. I left SMAI at the end of my two years of Honours, they were sad to see me go but ecstatic with all the creative stuff I had produced for them.

I am now onto the next chapter of my life; seeking new projects to work on, new communities to be a part of, and new experiences to learn from.
  • "Jasper filled a critical role in Team UOW bringing photography, graphic design and hands on skills. His creativity in his expression of technical and sensitive information for wide audiences was greatly valued and has enabled us to efficiently communicate our vision and brand to people from many cultures. Jasper was a valued member of our team and would be a great addition to any organisation."
    - Clayton McDowell, Project Manager of Team UOW
  • "He's alright, I s'pose"
    - My Dad, Fond of Me
  • "As a staff member he is loyal, courteous, willing to learn in any situation, he has a great calmness under pressure and is a good team leader. As a person he has integrity and honesty he is also reliable and polite... I considered him to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently acheived results and delivers on all expectations."
    - Caroline Ruane, Manager of the Hibernian Hotel
  • "A talented designer and unique thinker"
    - Jo Stirling, Graphic Design Honours Supervisor
  • "Jasper can work with or without a brief, and takes the initiative to go beyond the parameters of his job. He is extremely organised, can learn and adapt very quickly, and works very efficiently on his own. He is not only talented as a creative with a keen eye for design and detail, but also logically minded, very intelligent and understands outcomes for the business. When working within a team, he contributes valuable ideas and collaborates with all team members to ensure the tasks are completed to the highest standards. Jasper’s creative work has well and truly elevated our brand, I have no doubt he will be an asset for any future employer"
    - Win Ti, General Manager of SMAI
  • "A very handsome young man"
    - My Mum, Birther of Me

Personal and professional references

A selection of comments from people who know me and have worked with me.


I have had an eclectic mix of jobs and qualifications, and I've acquired a weird array of skills.
  • Dementia Australia, Dementia Friend - Dementia Enabling Workshop
  • Service NSW, Working with Children Check
  • Safe Work NSW, Work Health and Safety, General Construction Induction.
  • NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing Competency (RSA & RCG)


Here's a variety of the most applicable awards I've received over the years for my creative works.
  • Highly Commended for Leadership in WH&S Culture - SafeWork NSW
    Awarded to the Desert Rose safety campaign I helped design and illustrate.
  • UOW Design Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community Engagement and Outreach
    Award for my involvement with the Desert Rose and Gradutation Exhibition project.
  • The Illawarra Green Flicks Short Film Festival - Highly Commended Award (18-24 years)
    Awarded for a short film I directed and animated about deforestation.
  • Dean's merit list
    For outstanding academic performance in the top five percent of students in the School of the Arts, English and Media.
    2016, 2019
  • Band 6 - Visual Art, Industrial Technology and Software Design and Development
    I received a Band 6 for all three major works I completed in High School. For Visual Art I made a short film, for IT I built a zoetrope, and software design I made an endless platform game.
  • Winner of the Junior Division Lake Light Sculpture Prize
    Metal sculpture and light installation, the "Phoenix", won the Junior Division of the Lake Light Sculpture Prize in Jindabyne.


A short list of some of the things I'm interested in.
  • Writing about new age technology
    I’m a hobby futurist interested in all the acronyms: VR, AR, AI,and VHS.
  • Making sculptures with old technology
    When I was 8 my dad taught me how to weld, I’ve had two successful gallery exhibitions since.
  • Creating a better future for all
    I often get involved with projects that I deeply believe will help to create a better future.
  • All things creative
    I have dabbled in game design, started to learn Ukulele with my family, and I’m an avid film nerd.


A short list of some of the skills I possess.
  • The whole adobe creative cloud suite
    At this point I could be considered a close relative to the Adobe applications.
  • Team management and participation
    I’m a willing team participant, but will assume the leadership when a group has no direction.
  • Efficiency of tasks and operations
    My personal philosophy is, “if you do something 3 or more times, there’s probably a way to automate it”.
  • Quick learner
    Not only am I a quick learner but I am a motivated learner, always seeking out knowledge.

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