Project overview
The Renewable Generation is a data-driven energy sustainability campaign that visualises live energy use across Australian states. The campaign aims to build an energy use consciousness – to think about how we both use and supply our energy, and its impact on the wider world. This project is Data Brand's first prototype Data Organism - a entity that brings together data and design, providing greater value to both, and ultimately creating an engaging, interactive, and transparent entity that can take a variety of forms and functions.
My contribution
The Renewable Generation
Data Brand
Project Leader
January 2020
November 2020
The idea to create a tree that represented energy use in Australia came from my keen interest in energy sustainability and a story I was told about the Sydney retailer Anthony Hordern & Sons unique connection to a tree. The structure of the ReGen tree is entirely based on your name, and grows to an organic pattern seen in nature. When you input your name, the algorithm generates a unique tree, so that your name will always produce a tree with the same branching behaviour. The health of the tree is determined by what proportion of a state’s supply is made up of renewable energy. In states where there is a heavy reliance on non-renewable energy, the tree looks unhealthy. The size of the tree is determined by the amount of supply that a state requires on an individual level. To learn more visit the live website and click the about page.

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