Project overview
Life Happens is an educational resource aiming to explore the ideas, concerns and aspirations of young women, as well as to provide them with a forum to talk about the things that worry them. Our student design studio of four rebranded the Life Happens card game from the previous year to create a new Young Women specific version. The project included packaging, character cards, scenario cards, life cards and an instruction booklet.
My contribution
I was the project leader and was responsible for the art direction, logo rebranding, packaging, document preparation and design of seventeen life cards as seen below.
Life Happens
UOW School of Health and Society
Project Leader
The art style and visuals reflect the diversity of situations one experiences by using photomontage and surreal visuals. The challenge was to balance the serious nature of issues discussed with a healthy amount of vibrancy and positivity. The redesigned logo added the Young Women tag and recoloured the lemon from a pale yellow to a vibrant gradient to articulate that life is not always sour.

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