Project overview
Data Brand is a function and form collective specialising in the design and development of Data Organisms. Data Brand is interested in merging design and data in a way that brings life to data, with the purpose of communicating data for life. I founded Data Brand as a part of my honours creative project to aid the proposal of the Data Organism - an entity that goes beyond data visualisation and infographics, and which aims to bridge the gap between data and consumer by increasing transparency, trust, and the understanding of the importance of data in all areas of life.
My contribution
Data Brand
Data Brand
Founder and Creative Director
January 2020
November 2020
The form of Data Brand has been carefully considered to incorporate the tagline “Life to data, data for life”. The “://” logomark delineates the merger of life and data in the form of the hostname prefix in a URL. Every web address includes :// - it represents the start of something which is live, personal, accessible, interactable and inherently data-driven. Data Brand’s visual identity uses chaotic and turbulent lines that originate from the one form and are then mathmatically distorted in infinite ways. These forms are then contrasted and balanced by familiar but often abstract images that reference the scale of life. The sonic brand employs both soothing organic sounds and distorted energetic noises. Further, throughout this document are visual metaphors that illustrate the process of extracting information from data, and sense from chaos.

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